Workers Compensation

Manage Pain with Less Risk for Industrial Injuries

The Avid IF2 Interferential System is a safe and effective adjunctive treatment to manage pain and symptoms of industrial injuries – without the side effects of opioids.

Avid IF2 is a non-narcotic, non-addictive and noninvasive treatment option for acute, chronic and post-op pain. Plus, benefit from detailed patient data including pain reduction levels, functional improvement insights, reduction in medications, and daily usage to help you manage patient compliance, meet treatment goals and document for payor authorization.

77% of VQ OrthoCare patients reported a decrease in pain medications.

Avid IF2™ Interferential System: Pain Free. Risk Free.

  • Customizable and programmed presets for pain control, muscle spasm, circulation and range of motion
  • Easy-to-use touch screen in English and Spanish
  • Advanced microprocessor and long-life rechargeable battery for continuous treatment day or night
  • Lightweight and portable to encourage patient mobility and activity
  • Vectoring that targets stimulation in specific pain areas for improved relief
  • Open circuit detection for patient safety and true compliance monitoring
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery that will support continuous use to include overnight with sleeping

Clinical Research Outcomes

Clinical research findings demonstrate that interferential (IFC) current therapy has been effective at pain reduction, increasing range of motion (ROM), reducing pain medications and increasing circulation, which facilitates healing.

Reduce Opioid Prescriptions to Decrease Disability Duration

The duration of disability for patients with long-term opioid prescriptions is more than 10 times higher than for patients without opioid treatment. Avid IF2 offers clinicians an effective treatment option to treat patients with chronic, acute, and post-op pain and aid in patients returning to work.

*In patients with low back pain. David Neumark, Bogdan Savych, Randall Lea, M.D. The Impact of Opioid Prescriptions on Duration of Temporary Disability. 2018. Workers Compensation Research Institute.

Avid IF2 vs. TENS

Deliver deeper penetration than TENS to affect more tissue and target multiple symptoms for more effective pain relief. Avid IF2 offers a wide range of indications.

Relieves Pain
Increases local blood circulation to facilitate healing
Relaxes Muscle Spasms
Maintains or Increases Range of Motion

*Based on FDA-cleared indications

Avid Remote Monitoring Report

Remote Monitoring of Patient Outcome Data and Compliance

With the convenient Avid app, clinicians can collect and review critical outcome data to assess treatment effectiveness and monitor compliance. Patients simply download the Bluetooth-enabled app, which connects to their device and transmits information via secure connection to a centralized encrypted website. A report is generated for clinician review and treatment assessment.

  • Track pain levels before and after Avid treatment
  • Monitor medication reductions and functional improvements
  • Access compliance and daily usage data
  • Download the Avid app via the Google Play or Apple App Store

Pain Levels Tracking

The Avid empowers patients to rate their pain using a 0 to 10 scale before and after treatment. Results are aggregated for clinician review and treatment assessment.

Prescribe a 1-Month Trial of Avid IF2 for Your Workers Comp Patients

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