Corporate Description

Founded in 1989, VQ OrthoCare is a leading provider of noninvasive medical solutions focused on bone, joint and soft-tissue conditions. Services include in-home patient fitting of braces and medical devices, technology-enabled compliance monitoring, physician and payor support and around-the-clock patient care.


VQ OrthoCare is based in Irvine, California, and supported by sales account executives in field locations nationwide. Our manufacturing facilities, located in Vista, California, produce many of our proprietary products. 


VQ OrthoCare was founded on a patient-centered business model. This means we advocate for the best products, services and care for the patients we serve, and treat each one with the respect we would expect for ourselves. Our patient satisfaction surveys speak for themselves, and also to that fact VQ OrthoCare maintains one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the healthcare industry.

Compliance Program

VQ OrthoCare maintains the highest ethical and legal standards. Our corporate governance program is overseen by a corporate compliance officer and includes strictly-enforced employee compliance guidelines, the VQ OrthoCare Code of Ethics, and a comprehensive employee training program. VQ OrthoCare’s independent corporate governance program ranks among the most comprehensive in the industry.

Licensed by the California Department of Health Services

VQ OrthoCare is licensed by the California Department of Health Services as a medical device retailer and manufacturer. We are approved to dispense our medical devices in hospital biomedical departments and in the surgical suite at all major facilities.

FDA and Manufacturing Practices

VQ OrthoCare is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a medical device manufacturer and specification developer. We follow stringent federal guidelines for manufacturing, inspection, handling, storage, distribution and delivery of controlled medical devices to patients. These federal regulations help ensure safety and efficacy for patients and the community.