Our patient satisfaction surveys speak for themselves and also to the fact that VQ OrthoCare maintains one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the healthcare industry.

(Tech Uriel) He did an outstanding job on showing us how to use brace! He did not leave until we were well versed in the use of the brace and the strapping system and velcro straps. Rep spoke about company and benefits of the brace. Rep was very clear in all areas. Our doctor believes your system is very helpful to all who use it. This brace system should be put into sports mags and local gyms.

Samuel C.

Thank you for the professionalism of your staff. Your technician answered all my questions, and was very helpful, neat, clean and professional. The brace that was ordered by my doctor is so comfortable, easy to put on and take off. It is worth it’s weight in gold.

Cinderella S. / Los Angeles, CA

Overall the company has been very helpful and considerate to my situation before and after my surgery. Thank you all very much, and special thanks to Abel for calling to see how I was doing.

Felicity W. / Pasadena, CA

I’ve suffered from headaches and neck pain for years and wish I would have known about this equipment before. I’ve had my husband pull on my neck while lying down to help with pain and have been seeing chiropractors for years to help, which only helped somewhat. Between physical therapy and this equipment, I’ve received the best and most relief ever! Too bad it took the degeneration of my neck vertebrae and extreme pain & numbness in my arm to finally get help!

Linda F. / Tucson, AZ

Your company is the absolute best in customer satisfaction. You are very knowledgeable on your equipment and extremely prompt on fixing any difficulties. The equipment works also. What a blessing you are.

Scott W. / Hawthorne, CA

I am so happy that I am using the VQ OrthoCare Custom Eagle knee brace… Due to low back pain and pain in my left knee, my bowling average declined from 200 plus to a current 194 average. I try to golf four days a week and bowl in three leagues a week… On my doctor’s recommendation your company fitted me with the left knee brace on March 21, 2007. This was just after my third ‘hole in one’ February 26th. My bowling the day after being fitted was 664 for three games without pain in my left knee, which is my sliding side, being a right-handed bowler. I followed this up on April 4th, in a different league, with a 711 three-game series… All without pain in my left knee. As if this was not enough reason to be happy, the brace also feels very good while I’m golfing. Thank you and your company for such an excellent product!

John H. / Las Vegas, NV

The stim unit has reduced my use of muscle relaxer type medication, moreover the pain medication. At various times since having the “stim” unit I have taken less pain meds.

Patrick C.

Excellent explanation of your equipment. I had no need to phone your office. Your products are excellent for my back problems and your field rep Steve is very helpful and one of the most courteous and very knowledgeable.

Dennis L.

Thank you to Ken May as he responded to an urgent request as was leaving town. He met me at a central location to deliver the Saunders Deluxe Lumbar Hometrac. Thank you.

William S. / Tucson, AZ

The CPM certainly helped me feel more able to make progress and hopefully regain range of motion – Nice to have it available at home!

Janice M. / Raleigh, NC

I really enjoyed the in-home care! The technician, Jorge, was courteous, kind, and knowledgeable; with a great sense of humor as well! Thanks, Jorge!

Kim T. / Mesa, AZ

Very thorough… I only had the OrthoStim3 device two days but it is helping. Very good service! Very polite staff on the phone & home delivery… knowledgeable staff.

Sharon P. / Santa Ana, CA

I can’t believe how fast I’m recovering with very little pain medication needed. Great product! Great people!

Peter U. / Palm Springs, CA

The representative was very nice and helpful. I also received a follow-up phone call which was nice… I am so happy to have this equipment. I am moving to Virginia soon. I would like to receive emails and any mailings. Thanks.

Amy J. / Hampton Roads, Virginia

I was involved in a motorcycle accident and solely relying on prescription pain relievers to manage the pain from a broken shoulder and leg. I asked my doctor to prescribe an OrthoStim3 (electrotherapy) device to help relieve pain. Once I began using the OS3, I was very excited to reduce my intake of pain medicine. I am concerned about how the medicine may affect my liver. Thank you for informing me about electrotherapy, I have recommended this device to a couple friends who also have broken bones.

William / Yorba Linda, CA

Patient feedback is only published when a patient signs an authorization form to share/publish patient healthcare information, as required under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

My activity has increased since I started using BioniCare, I now go to the gym, take regular walks, and I’m easily able to play with my grandkids.

I’ve been dealing with knee pain for almost 20 years, which I attribute to typical wear and tear. My job required me to be on my feet for most of the day, so by the time I arrived home my knees would be throbbing in pain. Due to this, my activity level outside of work remained extremely low. Initially, my course of treatment was various over-the-counter wraps and eventually I began receiving injections, both of which provided minimal relief. I learned about BioniCare from an educational luncheon at my work. It was there that I was informed that I’d be a good candidate for the BioniCare System and unloading knee brace. I was fitted and could immediately sense the difference in the stability of my knee. The night-wrap also provided relief, as I couldn’t remember the last time I had woke up without my knee aching in pain. My activity has increased since I started using BioniCare, I now go to the gym, take regular walks, and I’m easily able to play with my grandkids. BioniCare is truly remarkable and has helped the condition of my knee tremendously.

Donna S. / Walnut Creek, CA

For those looking to avoid total knee replacement surgery or other invasive options, this is an amazing alternative.

I underwent my first knee surgery at the age of 14. After, it was never a requirement to rehab my knee, which led to a handful of knee-related ailments. In particular, there was overcompensation of my good knee to make up for the inability for my right knee to work properly. Over time, between the surgery and subsequent overcompensation, I developed chronic pain in my good knee and osteoarthritis in both knees.

As a physical therapist with more than 35 years of experience, I had a lot of knowledge regarding injuries and recovery treatments. Despite my background and putting strengthening measures into practice, my knee continued to deteriorate. I went from being very active in long distance cycling, golfing, skiing, and backpacking to giving these activities up due to the excruciating pain.

Knowing that I needed to do something, I visited my physician to learn more about my treatment options. It came down to two options: Cortisone injections or total knee replacement surgery. I was puzzled at the limited offerings and continued to explore non-invasive treatments. I learned about BioniCare from a sales representative and was later subscribed and fitted with the unloading knee brace and BioniCare system. I wore the unloading brace and BioniCare system everyday for six months and saw my pain decrease by 80 or 90 percent.

Though BioniCare was successful in decreasing pain, I chose to pair it with proper physical therapy, stretching, and diet for the overall improvement of the condition of my knee. The combination of these elements has given me my mobility back. For those looking to avoid total knee replacement surgery or other invasive options, this is an amazing alternative.

Ann G. / Walnut Creek, CA.

I have been using the BioniCare system and OActive knee brace… and I am completely pain free, every day.

I had to undergo hip replacement surgery and went through physical therapy as a part of my recovery. During this time, I found myself doing a lot of squat exercises, which resulted in pain in my left knee. I later saw a physician and learned I had a meniscus tear and osteoarthritis in my left knee. The pain increased gradually and I had to forgo all physical activity, including, my evening walks and skiing.

The severity of the pain became so intense that it was difficult to use the stairs and I found myself sedentary most of the time. My initial treatment was steroid injections, which only provided temporary relief. After having just had a major surgery, I knew I wanted to avoid meniscus repair surgery.

I began reading about BioniCare, which seemed like a good option. I spoke to my physician about BioniCare and he noted he had success with other patients. Within a month of my fitting, I began noticing a distinct difference in my mobility; I was even able to use the stairs again.

I have been using the BioniCare system and OActive knee brace for more than three months and I am completely pain free, every day. I have begun exercising again and I plan to participate in a upcoming 5K race. BioniCare is a great non-invasive option for those living with osteoarthritis of the knee.

Tammy B

I’m an advocate of the BioniCare treatment for anyone suffering from constant knee pain.

I had to undergo surgery on my left knee after a job related injury. Shortly after that, I began experiencing regular pain in my right knee. I was constantly on my feet for my job, so the stress on my knee got progressively worse. My initial treatment was minimal, as I was depending on over-the-counter products that only provided short term relief, if any. I learned about BioniCare from my wife, who works at a medical facility, and overheard a conversation about how this treatment was a successful alternative to surgery. Ironically enough, at the time I was seriously contemplating total knee replacement surgery and was eager to learn more. I scheduled an appointment with my physician who was familiar with BioniCare and wrote me a prescription for the unloading knee brace and the night-wrap. It was moments into my fitting that I began to feel relief in my right knee. I was in awe about how immediate the pain was reduced. I’m up to around 900 hours on the night-wrap, which is gradually enabling me to go pain free without the brace everyday. I’m an advocate of the BioniCare treatment for anyone suffering from constant knee pain.

Jerome / Bakersfield, CA

BioniCare has made my life worth living again. I’m more active than I’ve been in years.

I have had to endure years of pain. The doctors had put me on every pain pill I think on the pharmacy shelves, increasing the dosages, increasing the milligrams, trying different combinations…..pain pills and anti-inflammatories became so much of my every day maintenance that it became hard to keep up with what I was suppose to take and when. Also the pain pills had me always in a fog or knocked out that I was missing out on so much daily life.

I saw another knee specialist… [who] said within 5 years I would need double knee replacements…….I was only 45 years old at the time!

Upon getting my braces fitted I had major immediate relief!! NO KNEE PAIN WHAT SO EVER! I even walked up and down my stairs! … Wore the wraps while I slept that first night and was surprised they didn’t bother me trying to sleep but what really surprised me was that I was able to get out of my bed without help! And without pain! Too good to be true? Maybe. But, Bionicare has made my life worth living again, I’m more active than I’ve been in years and I am once again able to be with my family during those special events that happen….when they happen.

My struggle is over! Thanks to all of the help, hard work and the persistence of a very special woman who refused to give up on me and her product! Thank you Michelle…..GOD loves you and so do I!

Lisa / Bellevue, NE

I’m riding in the 42 mile segment of a bike race over Thanksgiving weekend without the brace.

I injured my left knee about 15 years ago when an ATV rolled into it. From that point on, the condition of my knee deteriorated. The onset of my osteoarthritis set in about four years ago when I noticed the movement from umpiring fast pitch softball and my golf swing becoming increasingly painful. It got so bad that I had to forgo umpiring due to the intense pressure on my knees. An orthopedic surgeon began giving me Synvisc shots to relieve the pain and fitted me with a brace. These treatments were sufficient, but only provided a short term solution. I was visiting an orthotics provider last March with my wife when I saw The BioniCare Knee System brochure. Unlike the brace alone, the knee system offered the brace plus the electrical stimulation. After obtaining a prescription for the system, I revisited the orthotics provider and was supplied with the wrap and electrodes. Since then, I have been wearing the wrap/electrodes every night for six months. I could sense a difference in my movement at around 400 hours. My physical state has improved incredibly over time. Now, I’m now only using the brace for extended lengths of rigorous work and playing golf. I’m riding in the 42 mile segment of a bike race over Thanksgiving weekend without the brace and I’m already up to 30 pain free miles in my training regimen.

Michael / Tucson, AZ

I’ve been using BioniCare for almost a year and I’m back to running and walking with ease and no longer have to take the stairs sideways.

I’ve been dealing with knee pain for almost 20 years. I tore my ACL in the early 1980s and never had it repaired. Shortly after, I underwent two separate meniscus trims. I’ve been an avid participant in softball leagues for years and the combination of the original tear and my high activity level exasperated my knee. The onset of osteoarthritis became extremely evident within the last 10 years – as the pressure on my knees was high and I was dependent on various braces to sustain my activity level. To relieve some of the pressure, I tried acupuncture treatment. While it provided temporary relief, I knew I needed something more permanent. My various physicians had always advised that I needed to avoid total knee replacement surgery because of my age, but I began seriously considering this option when I was forced to take stairs sideways. Last year, I was scheduled for a total knee replacement when I learned about BioniCare. I told my physician that I wanted to try this treatment before committing to surgery. I’ve been using BioniCare for almost a year and I’m back to running and walking with ease and no longer have to take the stairs sideways. I’m still actively pitching in my softball league and I’m always advocating BioniCare as a surgery alternative to my teammates.

Brad / Quincy, CA

I can take on stairs and curbs without a problem and I’ve even got involved in water aerobics.

My knee pain began around 30 years ago, which I attribute to general wear and tear, my involvement in tennis and genetics – as my mother also suffered from osteoarthritis of the knee. After visiting my doctor, I learned that both of my knees were bone on bone, which was undeniably painful. I underwent orthoscopic surgery and a total knee replacement on my right knee. Complications with the surgery led to a near death experience. From that point on, I wanted to avoid future surgeries entirely. Knowing that, my physician suggested I try the BioniCare Knee System. Since I was fitted, I’ve seen a significant difference in my mobility. I can take on stairs and curbs without a problem and I’ve even got involved in water aerobics. My overall recovery has been gradual, but I’ve made strides from where I started. I’d recommend BioniCare to anyone that is suffering from osteoarthritis.

Judith / Oldsmar, FL