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eCast™ iPhone app for custom fabricated knee brace measuring is as easy as taking a few pictures on a smartphone. Enter patient and brace order information, take two app assisted images, and click send. That’s all there is to it. VQ OrthoCare’s exceptional line of custom fabricated knee braces are then expertly built utilizing more anatomical information than competitive systems. Watch the video below.

Since the early 2000’s, VQ OrthoCare has been improving digital image brace measuring and custom knee brace fabrication. Our industry leading knee brace designs are hand made in Vista, California utilizing eCast smartphone technology and proven Orthotic hand-bending and forming techniques. New technology to build the old way.

  • Smartphone app simplicity
  • App assisted image capture
  • Immediate upload to fabrication facility
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Minimal patient contact for safety
  • Exceptional anatomical information for superior contours and precise fit

Download eCast App from the App Store

Ecast App – How to use Video

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