Good for Patients

A significant percentage of patients can benefit from a custom fabricated brace as a result of their individual anatomical needs. In 2016, 23% of Medicare rigid knee brace patients received a custom fabricated brace.

Superior fit made for a specific patient, for example, can improve:

  • Functional control and support
  • Osteoarthritis pressure relief
  • Accommodate varied anatomies
  • Brace suspension
  • Comfort and compliance

Successful bracing usage has been shown to increase activity levels, reduce medications, decrease pain levels, and improve many other facets of patient quality of life.

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Good for the Practice

  • Custom-fabricated brace patients can have less pain, increase activity levels, and require less medications and that’s good for everyone involved.
  • The process to measure and fit is easy to implement with the eCast Custom-Fabricated brace measurement smartphone app 
  • Reimbursement levels are unchanged and lucrative even after the 2021 competitive bid program
omp medical practitioner

VQ OrthoCare Does it Best

The lineage of the VQ OrthoCare knee brace product line dates back to the 1980’s when the groundbreaking flexible thigh cuff (Active Thigh Cuff™) – ligament brace was introduced. Innovation has always been the focus right through to present day with the often imitated single upright OActive and OActive® 2 universal OA brace designs. And there’s more to come.

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