VQ OrthoCare is a leading provider of noninvasive medical solutions focused on bone, joint and soft-tissue conditions. Services include in-home patient fitting of braces and medical devices, technology-enabled compliance monitoring, physician and payor support and around-the-clock patient care. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., VQ OrthoCare has sales support and distribution partners in 26 states and nine countries. Today, the company maintains its leadership role by recognizing trends in patient care and staying at the forefront of the orthopedic rehabilitation marketplace.

Our History

In 1989, the company commenced operations under the name of VisionQuest Industries as a distributor of electrotherapy devices for pain management related to orthopedic rehabilitation. As the company began manufacturing its own electrotherapy equipment, its FastStart IF4000 product quickly gained recognition in the medical community as an effective and drug-free method of pain management. Since that time, the company has expanded exponentially and now designs, produces and distributes a wide variety of noninvasive medical and rehabilitative products.

During the 1990s, the company’s name was changed to VQ OrthoCare, more clearly defining its role in the medical marketplace. During this period, the company established itself in a key role in the worker’s compensation industry. Building out its core business to include all facets of patient care, the company established industry standards and best practices around the products, services and support to provide the patient with more expedient recovery and positive outcomes.

Responding to an increasing demand for its products and services, VQ OrthoCare assembled a team of sales, marketing and patient service professionals to better serve its customers and enter new markets. The company invested in bringing new products to market through its manufacturing capabilitie and by retaining top-notch professionals in design, development and engineering capacities.
With the success of VQ OrthoCare in Southern California, the company expanded the reach of its services to a regional marketplace, opening service centers in Arizona, Nevada and Central California. In 2005, VQ OrthoCare began a national expansion initiative, expanding the company’s distribution network across 26 states.

In 2006, VQ OrthoCare acquired the knee brace manufacturing division of Vista, California-based OMNI life sciences, Inc., adding new manufacturing and design capabilities for our proprietary products. The acquisition also added an international sales presence for VQ OrthoCare in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia.
VQ OrthoCare is a privately held corporation licensed by the California Department of Health Services as a medical device retailer.