What is the eCast System?

eCast™ provides clinicians and patients a simple solution to custom brace measuring. VQ OrthoCare has developed this proprietary digital casting system using the latest advances in digital photography, pattern recognition and image processing. eCast’s accuracy and efficiency expedite the custom brace manufacturing process, and eliminate the time, materials, shipping costs and difficulties associated with traditional casting and measuring methods.

Patient and order information are entered into our proprietary eCast app and images of the knee are captured using software that guides the user in proper height, distance and angle of the camera to provide precise anatomical details for a more accurate custom measurement. The order is sent directly from the phone to our clinical and technical staff to begin analysis and fabrication of a custom brace.

What are the Benefits of using the eCast system?

  • Shortens custom brace turnaround time
  • No need to log on to a computer or website—complete order can be sent by phone
  • Image capture software guides user to obtain accurate image
  • Options and accessories are orderable in app
  • Information is secured in app with multiple protections in accordance with HIPAA regulations
  • No cast mold shipping charges
  • Easier to use than traditional measurement devices
  • Fast and clean for patients
  • Promotes state-of-the-art image for physician’s practice
  • Precise leg anatomy images allows our clinical and technical staff to optimize bracing solutions

eCast technology requirements

  • iPhone, iPod touch, iPad mini iOS 8.0 or greater and wireless connection
  • Proprietary eCast tapes for measurements

VQ OrthoCare is also able to take cast molds or Insignia/AOP if the customer prefers.

  1. For Cast Molds, send mold and order form to:
    VQ OrthoCare
    1390 Decision St., Ste. A
    Vista, CA. 92081
  2. For Insignia/AOP file orders, send this form and files to ecastorderrelease@vqorthocare.com