Superior Custom-fit and Clinical Performance

Double Q-hinge for Precise Axis Alignment and Improved Fit

OActive® Align™ is the evolution of osteoarthritis knee bracing. The Double Q-hinge optimizes the hinge-to-anatomical axis alignment, and the heat-moldable tibial cuff provides superior custom-fit and rotation control. The original universal lateral application single upright brace is now the superior clinical choice.

MIT Study - Importance of Hinge Alignment

MIT study chart screenshot-2

*Regalbuto MA, Rovick JS, Walker PS. The forces in a knee brace as a function of hinge design and placement. Am J Sports Med. 1989 Jul-Aug;17(4):535-43.

MIT study found misalignment of the brace and knee axes resulted in a mismatch between the brace and knee motion that, “could lead to adverse internal joint mechanics, slippage, pistoning, and discomfort.” Results showed that a “reduced mismatch between leg and brace would lead to increased effectiveness in terms of the brace’s ability to support loads, control motion,” and that an anterior hinge position produced the most significant unwanted forces.*

Features and Benefits

OActive Align Features

Heat Moldable Tibial Cuff Accessory with Exothermix Heat Pack for Easy Custom Fitting

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Female wearing OActive Align Brace

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