White Paper Reports on the Consequences of Pain and Associated Costs

Multi-Modality Electrotherapy: A Safe and Cost-Effective Adjunctive Treatment for Managing Pain

Chronic pain is a major health concern in the U.S., and the leading cause of disability. The costs associated with treating chronic pain are very high and growing higher, and include medications, treatment for side effects, and lost productivity at work. Multi-modality electrotherapy can be a cost-effective solution for patients requiring pain management.

This paper reports on the consequences of pain, treatment options, and common types of pain medication along with their potential disadvantages. Electrotherapy is presented as a cost-effective adjunctive therapy for pain and other symptoms caused by musculoskeletal and soft-tissue conditions.

*In the United States:

  • 50 million people suffer from chronic pain
  • More than 80% of the population will experience back pain during their lifetime
  • Pain costs $100 billion and results in more than 50 million lost work days annually
  • Traditional pain treatment includes medications that are expensive, have negative side effects, may be addictive, and are responsible for a growing number of deaths
  • For every dollar spent on a pain medication, another dollar is spent treating a complication associated with that medication
  • Leading organizations recommend that physicians consider alternative/adjunctive treatments to control pain
  • Multi-modality electrotherapy is a cost-effective, non-pharmacologic, non-invasive adjunctive treatment for pain caused by musculoskeletal and soft-tissue conditions

(* Sources for these statistics can be found in the reference section in the white paper)

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