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Surgical Lab and Conference Center

VQ OrthoCare’s Surgical Lab underscores our commitment to leadership through innovation by providing a forum for physicians and surgeons to develop, practice and teach the latest advances in surgical procedures and devices.

This trend-setting facility, located in Irvine, California moments from John Wayne Airport, allows the unique opportunity to practice and perfect strategic anatomical procedures without the risk and unpredictability of performing surgery on a live patient.

The adjacent conference center is a multi-purpose facility offering clients the latest audio/visual technology in a comfortable private setting.

Reserve the Surgical Lab

Facilities and tissue are available to accommodate all surgical specialities, including:

  • Arthroscopy
  • Spine
  • Neuro
  • General
  • Thoracic
  • Urology

Spacious enough to accommodate both small and large groups, the Surgical Lab is an ideal showcase for:

  • Surgeon-to-surgeon training
  • Targeted dissections
  • New device demonstrations
  • Sales force training
  • Video conferencing
  • Educational videotaping


VQ OrthoCare’s fully equipped Surgical Lab provides the following supplies, equipment and specimens upon request:

Safety supplies: Caps, gowns, gloves, face shields, shoe covers and masks.
PLEASE NOTE : VQ does not supply scrubs.
Instrumentation: Basic dissection instrumentation, including scissors, scalpels, basic retractors, forceps, etc.
Arthroscopy equipment: Six arthroscopy towers with all necessary equipment.
Specialty equipment: VQ OrthoCare can obtain specialty equipment for additional rental fees. (C-arms, microscopes, specialty instrumentation trays, etc.) Some notice is needed for specialty equipment and availability is NOT guaranteed.
Specimens: VQ OrthoCare contracts with two major tissue providers that provide and handle all types of specimens.
Instrumentation cleaning: Instrument cleaning and packing (in original boxes) is provided upon request for a fee of $25 per tray.

VQ OrthoCare’s Conference Center offers multiple options for room configuration, including theater-style seating for up to 96 people and classroom-style seating for 45+.

Reserve the Conference Center


Features include:

  • Ergonomic seating
  • SMART computer technology
  • DVD / VCR player
  • Lavaliere microphone with overhead speakers
  • Sound mixer
  • Overhead theater-quality remote projector
  • 10-foot ceiling-mounted retractable screen
  • Two separate dimmable lighting systems
  • Two 42-inch plasma TVs mounted in Surgical Lab
  • Ability to simultaneously project images to Conference Center and Surgical Lab
  • Dedicated Internet access
  • 42-inch podium with speaker light and counter
  • Full-size refrigerator for catering
  • Temperature-controlled zones

VQ OrthoCare’s student program is geared toward technical schools with a medical curriculum. Our Conference Center offers multiple options for room configuration.