The Resistance Chair™


The World’s Most Convenient Home Gym:

The Resistance Chair exercise system allows you to do a full body workout from a safe, comfortable seated position.

Features & Benefits

  • No assembly required: ready to use, out of the box
  • Self-paced training: DVDs and wall chart allow customized exercise
  • Small footprint: use comfortably in smaller rooms
  • Multiple users: quick-change resistance cables adjust tension
  • Lightweight: folds and rolls for easy storage
  • Easy to use: stay seated for safe and simple, at-home fitness
  • Versatile: wide range of exercises at an affordable price
  • Sturdy: non-skid, built-in step and balance bar improve stamina

Ordering Info

Resistance Chair Exercise System

The Resistance Chair comes with two pairs of “Level 5” cables installed, a spare set of “Level 4” and “Level 7” cables and
instructional training DVD.

Description Part Number
Resistance Chair CFC-100B
Smoothrider II Exercise Cycle *CFC-180
Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher *CFC-140

Palmbell Hand Weights

Description Part Number
Palmbell Hand Weight (1Lbs) CFH-101
Palmbell Hand Weight (2Lbs) CFH-102
Palmbell Hand Weight (3Lbs) CFH-103

Anchor Cables

Description Part Number
Resistance Anchor Cables Level 4 CFA-104
Resistance Anchor Cables Level 5 CFA-105
Resistance Anchor Cables Level 6 CFA-106
Resistance Anchor Cables Level 7 CFA-107
Resistance Anchor Cables Level 8 CFA-108
Resistance Anchor Cables Level 9 CFA-109
Value Pack Assortment Of Cables CFA-155
Lightweight Cable Pack Level 2 & 3 CFA-23

DVD Training Guide Collection

Description Part Number
Strong Heart, Strong Body CFV-104
Better Balance & Stretching CFV-105
Leisurely Living CFV-106
Power Ride – Mini Bike Workout CFV-107


Description Part Number
Non-Skid Seat Cushion CFA-137


The Resistance Chair is a registered trademark of
VisionQuest Industries, Inc.


To download the following PDFs, right-click or option-click (on Mac) and select “Save Link As”

Stretching and Warm-Up Instructions
Strength Exercises Instructions