Spooner Patella Stabilizer

Spooner Patella Stabilizer


The Spooner Patella Stabilizer strapping system is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with a double upright rigid knee brace for those patients who have patella tracking or alignment problems in addition to ligament instabilities or osteoarthritis.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique hook and loop attachment system easily incorporates into a rigid framed brace
  • The crescent buttress provides a “spooning” effect to capture and control the patella
  • Easily adjusted to accomodate a variety of knee shapes and contours
  • Helps prevent brace migration
  • Ensures proper brace alignment

Product Info


Part Number

Spooner Patella Stabilizer K199

Measurement Guide

Complite/Coolite Post-Op Knee Brace



  • Applicable federal, state, and/or local regulations may restrict this device to sale by or on the order of a practitioner licensed by law of the State in which he/she practices to use or order the use of this device.

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