Sky™ Spinal Orthosis Line

Sky™ Spinal Orthosis Line


Sky spinal orthoses feature the patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System, providing practitioners an unparalleled approach to maximize control, increase comfort and improve patient compliance.

Features & Benefits

  • Universal sizing for reduced inventory and cost
  • 6:1 Mechanical Advantage Pulley System
  • Single pull adjustment
  • Adjustable pull cord to fit various patient sizes
  • Removable anterior panel (all models)
  • Removable lateral panels for step-down treatment (APL model only
  • High-tension harness cord

Product Info

VQ LSO 627

Description Part Number
Sky AP LSO 510001
Sky AP+ LSO 510002
Sky APL LSO 510003

Measurement Guide

Measurement Guide

Fits waists 25” to 55”


Indicated for lumbar sacral mechanical back pain; spinal stenosis; spondylolisthesis; degenerative disc; herniated and bulging discs; Facet syndrome; post-operative stabilization protocol following laminotomy, foraminotomy, IDET procedures, anterior laproscopic fusion, posterior lateral fusion, and multi-level decompression.

Patent Reference
RE 35,940 – Patent reference belongs to Ottobock, Inc.

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Sky Spinal Orthoses Instructions for Use (VQO361881REVA)