FastStart® IF

FastStart® IF

Interferential Stimulator

All the comprehensive settings of a clinical device in the convenience of a portable package.

  • Management of post-surgical, acute and chronic pain
  • Advanced electronics for smooth, consistent current flow
  • Digital accuracy
  • One-touch programming access
  • Ability to link presets
  • Compliance timer
  • Full spectrum sweep modes
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Product Info

Part Number


FS IF Faststart HVPC Stimulator

Includes all accessories:
1 electrode package, 1 battery pack, and 1 AC adapter


Power Source Four (4) alkaline AA batteries or AC
Size 5.25” x 2.8” x 1.75” (including belt clip)
Weight 10.8 oz with batteries
Torerances All electrical specifications are ± 10
percent into a 500 ohm load for each
channel and using the AC adapter,
unless stated otherwise
Treatment Timer 1 min – 8 hr, or continuous
Compliance Timer
  • 0-999 hr, 59 min (41.66 days) in 1 min
  • Can be locked out from patient
  • Can be reset by clinician
Preset Programs
  • Preprogrammed presets: 5
  • Available presets: 75
User Interface
  • Custom LCD display
  • LED backlighting for use in low light
  • Indicators for “Low Battery” and “Pause”
  • Flashing indicator to show current flow
Output Type (IF) Interferential, constant; (NM)
Neuromuscular, uses a 6 sec ON, 6 sec
OFF duty cycle. The ON cycle Includes:
a 2 sec ramp-up period
Output Current 0-50 mA in 0.5 mA increments
Base Carrier Frequency 4000 Hz, fixed medium frequency
Interference Frequency 1-150 Hz in 1 Hz increments
  • Standard (4 electrode): 2 channels each
    having square wave outputs
  • Premodulated (2 electrode): 1 channel
    with rectangular waves
Pulse Coordination Modes
  • Continuous
  • 1|1 Oscillating 60% of set frequency for
    1 sec, then 160% for 1 sec
    Cycle repeats every 1 sec
  • 6|6 Oscillating 60% of set frequency for 6
    sec, then 160% for 6 sec
    Cycle repeats every 6 sec
  • 6|6 60% of set frequency then ramps to
    160% of set frequency over 6 sec; the next
    6 sec it ramps from 160% to 60%
    Cycle repeats every 12 sec
Pulse Duration
  • Standard: Fixed at 125 μs for each
  • Premodulated: 5-125 μs
Vectoring Increases one channel’s amplitude
while simultaneously decreasing
(by the same percentage) the other
channel’s amplitude with a single
key press. The range of adjustment
will be 25% of the user setting. At
the maximum level of change, one
channel will be at 75% of original
setting and the other channel will
be at 125% of original setting.
Vector Sweep Continuously changes the amplitudes
of the 2 channels through the
vectoring range (75% of original
setting to 125% of original setting)
over 60 sec
Automatic Switching
to Next Preset
1-75, or OFF


  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy
  • Increasing local blood circulation
  • Muscle re-education
  • Immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis
  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion


Stimulators should not be used on patients with cardiac demand pacemakers

Adverse Reactions

Skin irritation and burns beneath the electrodes have occasionally been reported with the use of stimulators.

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FastStart IF Patient Manual (WH501174REV00)