Coolcare™ Cold Therapy System

Coolcare™ Cold Therapy System

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Controlled unit provides maximum clinical efficacy and desired results
  • Semi-closed loop system ensures consistent temperature control for prolonged comfort and pain reduction
  • Eight-quart capacity provides up to seven hours of continuous cold therapy
  • Single, easy-to-operate control
  • Quiet and portable
  • Anatomically-specific pads available

Ordering Info

Coolcare Cold Therapy System

DescriptionPart Number
CoolCare Cold Therapy Unit (Includes One Pad)2042-01

Replacement Pads

DescriptionPart Number
Non-Sterile Pad – Universal, Rh (10.85” X 11.34”)11-0675
Non-Sterile Pad – Universal, Eh (10.85” X 11.34”)11-0676
Non-Sterile Pad – Universal, Xl, Eh (12” X 11.34”)11-0678
Sterile Pad – Universal, Rh (10.85” X 11.34”)11-0801
Sterile Pad – Universal, Eh (10.85” X 11.34”)11-0802
Sterile Pad – Universal, Xl, Eh (12” X 11.34”)11-0804
Sterile Pad – Rectangle, Xl, Eh (9.76” X 13.75”)11-0813
Sterile Pad – Ankle, Rh (12.26” X 8.28”)11-0815
Sterile Pad – Rectangle, Small, Rh (4.81” X 10.75”)11-0817
Sterile Pad – Wrist (2.9” X 4.2”)11-1269
Mcguire Knee Wrap-On W/ Open Patella (10.85” X 11.34”)11-1268
Universal Wrap-On, Rh (10.85” X 11.34”)11-0679
Universal Shoulder Wrap-On, Eh11-0680
Universal Wrap-On, Xl, Rh (12” X 11.34”)11-0681
Universal Wrap-On, Xl, Eh (12” X 11.34”)11-0682
Universal Shoulder Wrap-On, Rh11-1334
Universal Shoulder Wrap-On, Small, Eh11-1397
Hip Wrap-On, Right, Rh11-9111
Hip Wrap-On, Left, Rh11-9112
Universal Forefoot Wrap-On, Rh11-1521
Universal Ankle Wrap-On, Rh11-1522


  • Pain
  • Edema
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle Spasms


  • Cold hypersensitivity or intolerance
  • Cryoglobulinemia
  • Paroxysmal cold cryoglobulinuria
  • Raynaud’s disease
  • Over regenerating peripheral nerve
  • Over an area with circulatory compromise

Adverse Reactions

If used improperly, may cause tissue death, frostbite, nerve damage or unwanted vasodilation.

CoolCare is a trademark of VisionQuest Industries, Inc.


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CoolCare Instructions for Use