Cervical-Stim delivers the only FDA approved, safe and effective bone growth stimulation shown to increase the rate of cervical fusion success. In fact, 84% of high risk patients achieved fusion within six months using Cervical-Stim vs. 69% for those who did not receive treatment.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight, all-in-one unit allows unrestricted patient mobility – no separate cables, control units or battery packs
  • Comfortably worn over cast, brace or clothing.
  • Spinal-Stim worn for two hours per day. Cervical-Stim worn for four hours per day. Physio-Stim worn for three hours per day.
  • Patient friendly functionality with compliance meter

Product Info

Part Number


2505Cervical-Stim (Cervical Spine)


The Cervical-Stim is a noninvasive, pulsed electromagnet bone growth stimulator indicated as an adjunct to cervical fusion surgery in patients at high risk for nonfusion.


There are no known contraindications for the Cervical-Stim as an adjunct to cervical spine fusion surgery.


  • The Orthofix may interfere with the operation of a cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator. Consultation with the attending cardiologist is recommended.
  • The Orthofix should be removed prior to any imaging procedures (e.g., CT scan, MRI, etc.).

Additional warnings and precautions apply. See manual for complete prescribing information.

Spinal-Stim, Cervical-Stim, and Physio-Stim are registered trademarks of Orthofix Holdings Inc.


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Cervical Stim Patient Manual