BioniCare® Hand System

Features & Benefits

  • Noninvasive
  • Easy to use, at-home treatment
  • Relief without the risks and side effects of drug therapy
  • Significant relief in as little as 4 weeks
  • Adjunctive to other commonly prescribed treatments
  • Web-enabled compliance and outcome data

Product Information

BioniCare Hand System


Part Number (left)

Part Number (right)

S 58-91012-203 58-91012-204
M 58-91012-303 58-91012-304
L 58-91012-403 58-91012-404
Complete System includes:
1 glove, 1 generator dock, 4 packages of conductors, 2 batteries,1 charger, 1 bluetooth dongle.

Replacement Glove


Part Number (left)

Part Number (right)

S 58-24203-101 58-24204-101
M 58-24303-101 58-24304-101
L 58-24403-101 58-24404-101

BioniCare Hand Components

Part Number


58-42001-101 Bionicare Hand Generator Dock (Universal)
58-60007-101 Bionicare Hand Conductor Pack
55-67000-002 Bio-2000 Carry Case
55-64000-001 Bio-2000 Li-Ion Battery
55-24000-002 Bio-2000 Battery Charger
55-64000-002 Bio-2000 Bluetooth Dongle

Measurement Guide

Measure width of hand around knuckles



Small UP TO 7.5″
Medium 7.5″ – 8.75″
Large 8.75″ +


Indicated as adjunctive therapy in reducing the level of pain and stiffness associated with pain from rheumatoid arthritis of the hand.


  • Do not use the BioniCare Hand System for any electrode placement that applies current to the carotid sinus (neck) region.
  • Do not use the BioniCare Hand System for any electrode placement that causes current to flow transcerebrally (through the head).
  • Patients with demand type cardiac pacemakers should consult with their physician prior to use of this system.
  • Do not use the BioniCare Hand System whenever pain syndromes are undiagnosed until etiology is established.

Adverse Reactions

Skin irritation and electrode burns are potential adverse reactions. Patients with skin irritation / reactions should be monitored.
Additional warnings and precautions apply. See manual or BioniCare website for complete prescribing information.

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