Avid IF 2™

Avid IF 2™

Interferential Stimulator

  • Non-narcotic
  • Non-addictive
  • Noninvasive
  • Customized protocols
  • Target multiple symptoms
  • Web-based compliance reporting
  • Sterile electrodes for post-surgical application
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.

Product Info

Part Number


53-60004-OS4B Avid IF 2


Interferential Stimulation can be used in the following applications:

  • Symptomatic relief of post traumatic acute pain
  • Symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain
  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion
  • Increases local blood circulation


Stimulators should not be used on patients with cardiac demand pacemakers.

Adverse Reactions

Skin irritation and burns beneath the electrodes have occasionally been reported with the use of stimulators.

Avid IF 2 is a trademark of VisionQuest Industries, Inc.

Usage Report


The Avid IF 2 records and uploads detailed compliance data to a secure website via a cradle/modem. This information is essential to integrate into the physician’s treatment plan as well as to provide payors with the reassurance that the patient is using and benefitting from the device.


  • Provides useful information to monitor the patient’s progress and determine appropriate treatment
  • Helps substantiate medical necessity and facilitates continued authorization for patient’s ongoing treatment plan
  • Can be reviewed and analyzed in order to create a written report that can be billed under CPT Code 99090, “analysis of clinical data stored in computers*”

How to obtain patient usage reports


  • Information is transmitted to VQ OrthoCare by the patient via a modem or data key
  • VQ OrthoCare generates a report on each patient for the physician at specific intervals throughout the patient’s rehabilitation period
  • Reports are sent via e-mail to the sales rep or physician
  • If a patient has not transmitted data or reported usage, VQ OrthoCare’s Patient Care Department will follow up with the patient to try and obtain the information



Physicians often provide support services for application or dispensing of some DME products. Some of these services have established reportable codes that allow a physician to report and/or bill for his/her services. VQ OrthoCare is not recommending billing charges or commenting on reimbursement for this code. It is the sole responsibility of each facility to investigate this code prior to billing.


To download the following PDFs, right-click or option-click (on Mac) and select “Save Link As”
Avid IF 2 Universal Patient Protocol (VQO021733REVA)
Avid IF 2 Patient Manual (English/Spanish) (VQO021732REVB)