eCast™ provides clinicians and patients a simple solution to custom brace measuring. VQ OrthoCare has developed this proprietary digital casting system using the latest advances in digital photography and computer software. eCast’s accuracy and efficiency expedite the custom brace manufacturing process, and eliminate the time, materials, shipping costs and difficulties associated with traditional casting and measuring methods.

After a digital camera captures precise leg anatomy, the images are uploaded to our Web-based ordering system and our clinical and technical staff immediately begin analysis and fabrication of a custom brace.


  • Shortens custom brace turnaround time
  • No cast mold shipping charges
  • Easier to use than traditional measurement devices
  • Fast and clean for patients
  • Promotes state-of-the-art image for physician’s practice
  • Precise leg anatomy images allows our clinical and technical staff to optimize bracing solutions
  • Can also be utilized to help determine proper sizing for ready-to-fit braces

eCast Ordering Process

eCast technology requirements

  • Digital camera and tripod
  • Proprietary eCast tapes for measurements
  • Web access

Capture images

  • Apply eCast tape to patient’s leg
  • Take anterior and lateral images of leg
  • Download digital images to PC

Convenient online ordering process

  • Log onto eCast using user name and password provided by VQ OrthoCare
  • Complete online custom brace order form
  • Browse your computer files and attach downloaded digital camera images
  • Order is instantaneously sent to VQ OrthoCare’s technical staff

Anatomical analysis performed at VQ OrthoCare

Using proprietary algorithm software and anatomical tools, VQ OrthoCare is able to determine precise anatomical details to provide patients with the best custom fit.