MVP- Kobe Bryant uses electrical stimulation for recovery & pain from back spasms

From — May 13, 2008 “It was the tweak felt around the Southland…”

“I tried to play and make drives to the basket where I could kind of withstand the pain without the back completely spasming and then put the next game really in jeopardy,” Bryant said.

On Monday he addressed reporters while standing, as he did during Sunday’s postgame news conference. Bryant said he would receive round-the-clock treatment.

His regimen includes ice, heat, massage and stretching. Bryant also held his electrical stimulation device by his side, saying he would basically sleep with it the next couple days.

… It delivers a current of up to 35 volts through four electrodes placed on the skin. The current contracts the muscles, increasing blood flow to the area to help recovery and it’s also thought to help block pain signals to the brain.

As a patient who also used an electrical stimulation device after an injury, I am really happy to hear the LA Times reporting on the alternative treatment using a medical device for treating pain. Kobe Bryant of the Lakers is one of our resident superstars here in Southern California; like Bryant, I also kept my device at my side constantly. The electrotherapy treatments gave me instant relief from the pain that I suffered from (broken bones).

Here at VQ OrthoCare we employ an athletic trainer who educates our team on the benefits and use of electrotherapy in treating patients with pain, spasms and helping to increase blood flow after an injury or surgery. I only learned about this type of treatment because my co-workers cared about my recovery. Once I discovered this alternative treatment I was relieved that I could immediately reduce the amount of pain medication that entered my bloodstream.

My hope is that this article as published by LA Times will help educate other patients and physicians about the benefits of electrotherapy and that many more patients like myself can experience an MVP’s regimen for recovery.

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