Making electrotherapy devices more readily available for patients

As Product Marketing Manager for Electrotherapy, my role is to promote the features and benefits of using our devices in giving patients more control over their pain management, and helping to reduce the need for so many medications.

If the patient is able to reduce their medications or stop taking them altogether, they should benefit from avoiding their side-effects (which include nausea, sleepiness, addiction, and liver damage).  The physician should benefit from the patient managing their own pain, avoiding side effects, and having to call for prescription re-fills and/or dosage modification.

Electrotherapy is a long-used, well-proven, non-invasive treatment for pain reduction, muscle stimulation, and increase in circulation.  While other companies manufacture products that provide one or two of these treatments, VQ OrthoCare has a broad product offering, including the OrthoStim3 and SurgiStim3 that provide all three therapies, programmed specifically for each patient’s requirements.  Simple for the patient to use, the OrthoStim3 and SurgiStim3 are lightweight, portable, and have a modem that communicates with VQ OrthoCare’s 24-hour Patient Care department.  This allows for remote programming, trouble-shooting, and the ability to track device usage, in order to help the physician optimize his care.

I joined VQ OrthoCare because of the company’s “Patient-Centered Solutions” philosophy.  I am committed to making our advanced, yet simple to use, electrotherapy devices more readily available for patients, by demonstrating their clinical efficacy to physicians, patients, and payors.  I am focused on providing educational materials, in the form of case reports, clinical bulletins, and continuing education programs to help accomplish this.

Electrotherapy Products

—Product Marketing Manager for Electrotherapy