Who created the Resistance Chair?

The Resistance Chair was created in California by an entrepreneur named John Bowser, who watched his aging parents struggle with the standard physical therapy equipment prescribed as part of their rehabilitation from illnesses and surgeries. Noting how intimidating and grueling fitness equipment could be to older adults, and the trouble they had maintaining their balance and grip while using equipment, Bowser developed the Resistance Chair, a secure, seated exercise and rehabilitation system.

VQ ActionCare’s patented cable system allows silent, smooth and low-impact workouts while staying seated. Upper and lower cable positions allow a wide range of exercises to strengthen muscles in the shoulders, arms, abdomen, legs, chest and back. Eight, quick change levels of cables are available, making the Resistance Chair a perfect fit for multiple users. No tools are needed — it comes ready to use, out of the box.

Weighing just about 20 pounds, the Resistance Chair is lightweight and portable. It’s sturdy, non-skid legs rest firmly on all floor surfaces.

Yes. Unlike most in-home exercise systems, which are heavy and space-consuming, the Resistance Chair is lightweight and portable. Weighing just 28 pounds, the chair folds up and rolls for easy storage, which is ideal for exercise in smaller areas… some users even take the Resistance Chair on long RV trips!

Our patented cable system is sturdy, easy to change, and no tools are needed: just lift the cable end straight out of the anchor points, and slip a new one in. That’s great for multiple users!

Yes. Every Resistance Chair includes a “Getting Started” instructional video and a full-color wall chart. We’ve also produced a whole library of instructional videos and offer several more from trusted sources such as the award-winning television program Sit and Be Fit. When you’re ready to buy, ask about promotional offers that include additional videos at no cost.

The Freedom Flex™ is a shoulder stretcher that attaches to the back of the Resistance Chair. It’s great for improving range of motion – unfreezing those frozen shoulders. Using either the included pull-down dual pulley, the Freedom Flex is a sturdy accessory that assembles in minutes using included tools.

The SmoothRider II™ is an exercise cycle attachment that hooks to the front of the Resistance Chair. It also includes an upright row bar for rowing and lateral pull exercises. Its digital meter tracks speed, time and calories burned. This gym-quality cycle is quiet and durable, with resistance through magnetic force, and assembles in minutes using included tools. Like the Resistance Chair, the SmoothRider II has wheels for easy transport.