Creating a Winning Team to Support Patient Rehabilitation

Human Resources plays an indirect role in the patient’s rehab experience.  If our employees have the appropriate experience, skill sets and are content, they are more apt to provide better customer service to our patients. HR’s job is to set the stage to make that happen by creating processes, systems and controls that ensure that we hire & retain quality associates, and have a workplace that is safe.

Working together in a spirit of continuous improvement and collaboration, the Human Resources team contributes to a progressive and productive work environment that meets the challenges of a changing world. It is our mission to attract, develop and retain highly motivated, competent and empowered employees through a corporate culture built on integrity, corporate values, customer service, reward and challenge.

We are committed to establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with all VQ OrthoCare staff, supervisors, and managers. Each person is a vital part of the Company, and each person will be treated with equal respect.

I trust and rely on the VQ OrthoCare staff for my rehabilitation as well. I can personally recommend the SurgiStim3 product, as I have had 2 occasions to use it this year, once for foot surgery and shortly thereafter for a lower back strain.  Other than the day of my foot surgery, the SS3 product allowed me get back to work immediately and I did not have to take any meds.  My rehab was quick and painless.  My back problem was more severe.  At the start, I did take meds at night to help me sleep, in addition to the stim. During the day, I was able to work without taking the meds.  The stim controlled the muscle spasms that I was having.  I was not able to see a back specialist for 35 days after the strain and by the time I did see him, I was not in pain any longer, thanks to the SS3.

—Director of Human Resources