Avid CT2

Avid CT2 neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and interferential current therapy


The Avid CT2 provides an adjunctive treatment to facilitate progress in rehabilitation by using NMES to prevent atrophy, strengthen muscles and increase circulation to facilitate healing.  The Avid CT2 also provides a non-narcotic, non-addictive and non-invasive treatment for acute, chronic and post-op pain using interferential therapy. Plus, its remote monitoring technology collects and analyzes detailed patient data including pain levels, functional improvements, medication reductions, compliance and daily usage to help meet treatment goals.


What is neuromuscular electrical stimulation?

NMES stands for “neuromuscular electrical stimulation” and refers to the stimulation of muscles by electricity.  NMES devices use timers that turn the stimulation on and off, simulating a contract/relax cycle, similar to exercise. NMES is commonly used in physical therapy to strengthen muscles where there is atrophy or weakness and to retrain muscles where there is an imbalance.  More recent research has used NMES to reduce muscle atrophy caused by aging or prolonged immobilization in chronically ill patients.  For those with a recent surgery or injury, NMES can be used to facilitate recovery and restore function.

Clinical Research