Become Part of a National Network of AT Fitters!

VQ OrthoCare is developing a national fitter program. The objective of this program is to expand our service footprint across the nation. Certain prescribed products that are billed to an insurance company can no longer be shipped to the beneficiary from VQ OrthoCare. They are required to be customized and fit to a specific patient by an individual with specialized training.

This program will offer certified athletic trainers the opportunity to make additional money within a flexible schedule by fitting patients with knee bracing, either in the patient’s home or at a physician’s office (depending on need or state fitting regulations). VQ cannot guarantee that you will receive any work orders throughout the year as it is dependent on the need in any given area. However, we will offer free CEUs periodically throughout the year as an incentive to stay in the network.

What fitting a patient entails…

  • You will be asked if you can fit the patient (it is voluntary); if you agree you will be sent product and paperwork to be completed with the patient
  • You fit the patient in their home or at the doctor’s office according to state guidelines or fitting preferences
  • You fax or e-mail signed paperwork to VQ OrthoCare after fitting the patient
  • Complete and submit a fitting log for payment

How do I sign up to be a fitter?

  1. Fill out an application along with the release and authorization form for background check. (link located at the right side of this page). Email or fax forms to VQ OrthoCare. (information provided on application)
  2. Take an online course (Upon receipt of forms, if approved, you will receive a login and password to complete the required on line home study course for 0.75 free CEUs**)
  3. Attend the fitting course given in conjunction with one of the district meetings (2.5 free CEUs**). Since some district meetings have already occurred, we are working to schedule courses in those regions. Please e-mail us if you are interested.
  4. Sign and return AT Fitter Independent Contract and W9 which will be emailed following background clearance.

Fee for service…

  • You are reimbursed a flat fee for the fitting, based on the product(s). Mileage is included in the fee unless mileage exceeds 40 miles one way. (fee schedule on application)


  • This program is currently not available in Florida, unless you are a Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist due to state regulations

***This is not a Certified Orthotic Fitter Course***

Courses (and free CEUs) are only offered for those ATs whose application for AT fitter has been accepted.

Electrotherapy and Osteoarthritis (home study .75 CEUs – pre-requisite for live event)
Fundamentals of Osteoarthritis and Ligament Knee Brace Fitting (live event, 2.5 CEUs)

These courses will provide the AT with the necessary training to fit and instruct a beneficiary on the proper use of electrotherapy for osteoarthritis and knee bracing for osteoarthritis and ligament instabilities.

This course is first-come, first-served, based upon VQ OrthoCare’s geographic need for coverage and then as space permits.

Class size is limited to 30 participants.

What to bring to class

  • Wear or bring shorts so you can practice brace application

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