Mission Statement

Help people stay active and live pain free.

Code of Ethics

Always Take the High Road

There’s nothing magic or complicated about ethics. It spans a broad spectrum of behaviors and is very real, pragmatic and simple. It means we obey the law. It also means we have individual integrity and commitment. And it means we treat each other with trust, fairness, dignity and respect.

Philosophy Statement

Our goals are focused on serving our customers with superior products and supporting services, and establishing and maintaining economic growth measured by consistent increases in shareholder equity. In pursuit of our goals, we will strive to demonstrate thoughtful and ethical leadership and we will be a responsible member of the global and local communities in which we operate.

Compliance Program

VQ OrthoCare maintains the highest ethical and legal standards. Our compliance program is overseen by VQ OrthoCare’s compliance officers. This includes strictly-enforced employee compliance guidelines, the VQ OrthoCare code of ethics and a comprehensive employee training program.

Licensed by the California Department of Health Services

VQ OrthoCare is licensed by the California Department of Health Services as a medical device retailer and manufacturer.

FDA and Manufacturing Practices

VQ OrthoCare is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a medical device manufacturer and specification developer. VQ OrthoCare follows stringent federal guidelines in manufacturing, inspection, handling, storage, distribution and delivery of controlled medical devices to patients. These federal regulations help ensure safety and efficacy for patients and the community.

Leadership Biographies

James W. Knape


James W. Knape founded VQ OrthoCare in 1989 with his wife Dorian. As chief executive officer, Knape oversees all aspects of the company’s operations, including product research, product development and legislative advocacy. As a proponent of noninvasive, nonpharmacological orthopedic and pain management healthcare solutions, he provides the company’s compass leading to the development of proprietary products and services that promote optimal functionality for the patients we serve.

Knape was a healthcare consultant with Price Waterhouse Coopers prior to founding VQ OrthoCare. He is a certified public accountant, and holds a bachelor of science degree in accounting from Arizona State University.

Kevin Lunau


Kevin Lunau joined VQ OrthoCare in 2005 as vice president of manufacturing, with responsibility for the company’s product development, manufacturing, distribution and patient technician services. He was instrumental in the 2006 acquisition of the orthopedic knee brace division of Vista, California-based, OMNI life science Inc., a company focused on the design, manufacture and distribution of joint replacement products for the orthopedic market.

Lunau previously served as president and chief operating officer for NiteRider, where he was responsible for strategic leadership and oversight of the design, manufacture and distribution of high-end lighting systems for the adventure sports market, and for more than ten years prior to that held senior positions at Toronto Medical Corp., OrthoLogic, and OrthoRehab. He received his bachelor’s degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.